The Financial Equalizer

Who is The Financial Equalizer?

The Financial Equalizer is a service mark created by David E. Mullis to show his commitment to helping those with financial problems from being exploited and disadvantaged by rich, powerful creditors. The Financial Equalizer is a friend for you in a time of financial crisis and need. He understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Attorney David E. Mullis is committed to giving the effort to make sure that resolution to your debt problems is with your best interest in mind. Neither you nor your case will ever be treated as just another client. We work hard to maintain good communication with our clients and we give personal attention to each case.

Do not hide from creditors. David E. Mullis, The Financial Equalizer, will meet with you and advise you of your options to resolve your financial problems for free. All fees and services will be explained at this free meeting. We never manipulate clients and we never put pressure on anyone to hire us. We understand that you need to make the decision that is in your best interest, without manipulation from an attorney to make a decision based upon the attorney’s financial best interest.